The Art Galleries

Spacious display-halls, with modern lighting and arrangement for display, is an ideal ambience for exhibitions of works of art.  The Akademi lets out its galleries and auditorium to artists, art societies, and cultural groups.

The Akademi Art Gallery in the state capital, Thiruvananthapuram functions at Vailoppilly Samskrithi Bhavan, of the Multipurpose Cultural Complex of State Cultural Affairs Department. Akademi Art Gallery, Kottayam, at DC Kizhakemuri is another centre., Alappuzha Art Gallery at Muncipal Town Square, Madhava Menon Memmorial Art Gallery At Kodungallur,  Art Gallery, Kozhikode close to the Town-hall, Art Gallery Malampuzha at Palakkad, the Art Gallery Malappuram at Kottakkunnu, Art Gallery at Thalassery, Art Gallery Mananthavady at Wayanad, and Kanjangad complete the chain through the length of Kerala.

Akademi plans to open new art galleries and centers indifferent parts of Kerala in course of time.

Reference Library

CARE (Center for Art Reference & Research), is a Center for excellence, in Durbar Hall, Kochi. Here the Akademi maintains an impressive library with a fine collection of books on art, architecture, art history, music, dance, film, aesthetics, sociology, anthropology, journalism and other related subjects. Open to public, it is used as a research library by artists, art-students, critics, historians, engineers, interior--decorators, researchers, and many others from various fields.

Archives and Collections

An air-conditioned complex, houses the archives of CDs, VIDEO films, Transparencies and works of art. The collection includes:

  • Documentaries on Masters
  • Feature films on famous artists
  • Invaluable creations of artists
  • Transparencies of great artists in medium and large formats
  • Sketch-books, diaries, albums and letters of well-known artists
  • Transparencies of great works of art from galleries around the world
  • Still and video documentation of the programs conducted by the Akademi
  • Classic films
  • Catalogues and brochures
  • Photographs of paintings and  sculptures

There is a massive collection of paintings by eminent painters like:

  • Madhava Menon,
  • KCS Panikar
  • TK Padmini
  • Santhan Raj
  • KK Hebbar
  • Jeram Patel
  • A Ramachandran
  • Sulthan Ali
  • Sketch Book of Laxman Goud
  • Ghulam Sheikh
  • Bhupen Khakher
  • RB Bhaskaran
  • Manu Parekh
  • S G Vasudev
  • Parnajith Sing
  • Prabhakar
  • DLN Reddy
  • KV Haridasan
  • MV Devan
  • CN Karunakaran
  • Namboodiri
  • Sudheer Patvardhan
  • Surendran Nair
  • Aparna Kaur

A good number of artworks, collected from the camps conducted by the Akademi is a treasure trove.