Invitation for the Symposium on Photography

We cordially invite you to be a participant for the symposium on photography “The Age of the Photograph” on July 16th, 2022 from 9.30 am onwards. It is being organised in collaboration with Japan Foundation, Delhi and Srishti Manipal Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore. As part of the symposium we are inviting social and cultural thought leaders and practitioners from the arts, sciences, current affairs, philosophy or literature to enable deep and meaningful conversations fostering the practice of photography in all its forms as well as in its related fields.

The symposium consists of two parts. First part in the morning there are presentations on different narratives about photography from experts from the field. In the later half of the day, over lunch, we invite you to a discussion and exchange of ideas, to listen, inspire and engage with each other and talk about photography and its place in the contemporary artistic practice. Please find enclosed detailed flyer about the symposium.

If you are planning to join us please can you google RSVP link, on or before 13th of July, 2022. We really want you to be part of this symposium and discussion and would like you to be there as the seats are limited please do not forget to RSVP us before the closing date.